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What's this site about?

Do you like the idea of enjoying online fellowship with a group of like-minded people?

Do you think you could you come up with ideas for online fund-raising schemes?

Would you like to help out at Rotary events at times that suit you?

Do you think you might have what it takes to become an online Rotarian?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, read on . . .

Meet online

A Rotary club usually meet on a weekly basis, so our meetings will also be held weekly and solely online using Zoom, an online Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Service.


You can try out Zoom for free from this website and talk to others that are interested in learning more about an online Rotary club.


Once the new club is chartered, all members of tthe group can meet regularly for business meetings interspersed with fellowship meetings.  Speakers from all over the world can be invited to talk to online about specialised and interesting subjects.

Service above self

Rotarians become involved in service projects, designed to help others, not only in the UK but on a worldwide basis.


Being an online club, with little or no physical interaction with members of the public, we will need to think up ideas that can generate funds online.


One such idea is Easy Fund Raising, a website that allows charities to raise funds from online shoppers, but this is only one example.  Such schemes are limited only by the imagination of club members.

Club events

Once we have sufficient members, we would like to offer a resource pool to Rotary clubs in our District.


There are 100 of these, which means that no matter where you live in the District, you are likely to have a traditional Rotary club near you and they are often on the look-out for helpers when they become involved in fund-raising events.


These events will offer you the opportunity of meeting people and enjoying fun and fellowship while helping to raise money for worthy causes.

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Once we have 20 members signed up, we will be in a position to think about chartering the a new club but fear not, you will be given ample opportunity to decide whether or not you wish to stay with it.

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