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The test website for an emerging Rotary e-Club

UKSouthOnline Oxted's Got Talent winners will perform at 2018 Carnival
UKSouthOnline We're still looking for members & there is no commitment at this stage, so join us now to see if you like belonging to an online Rotary club
UKSouthOnline Disabled Access Day 1 is out the way and there are 2 days left. Join us @UKSouthOnline tomorrow and/or the day after to find out about FFF
UKSouthOnline Only 3 more days to go before you will be able to join us @UKSouthOnline for an open meeting. Just visit the website and ask for an invite.
UKSouthOnline Time's running out. Visit us @UKSouthOnline for an invitation to one of our online meetings on 10th-12th March. Join us - it's FREE!
UKSouthOnline Less than 2 weeks to our open meetings. Learn all about us and our new Rotary e-club @UKSouthOnline, plus request your invitation to attend.

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