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The test website for an emerging Rotary e-Club

Here is the latest list of those who have bravely chosen to take part in this test of an emerging Rotary club with some of their reasons for joining listed underneath.  We need 20 members to charter a new club, so please pass on the word.  There is no risk in signing up at this stage.  That will simply allow you to take part in our meetings and fellowship before deciding whether or not you would like to become a fully-fledged Rotarian in due course.

Nick Nick
Jennifer Jennifer
Ashley Ashley
Geoff Geoff
Graham Graham
David David
Christian Christian

I signed up with UK South Online because . . . I am planning to sail around the UK, so I could not transfer to another club without immediately having to apply for 6 months Leave of Absence followed by exactly the same next year because we do not plan to return home to Chichester permanently until autumn 2018.  We will, of course, be home for a few weeks mid-summer and all next winter, leaving the boat ashore somewhere in Scotland before we leave for Ireland and points south.  Accordingly, membership of an eClub would be perfect as I could attend virtual meetings from anywhere with Wi-Fi and I would be able to attend meetings in person at other clubs wherever we might happen to be moored.

I signed up with UK South Online because  . . . I now live in Portugal and Rotarians in my local club there conduct their meetings in Portuguese, which I do not speak or understand.  I was a Rotarian in the UK for many years and thoroughly enjoyed it, being President of my club twice.  When the opportunity to join an online club came along, I therefore grabbed the chance and am looking forward to being a founder member of this club.

I signed up with UK South Online because . . . I used to belong to a Rotary club in Crawley but it collapsed through lack of members.  After that, I became immersed in business activities and also became involved with a different type of social club.  Joining another Rotary club in Crawley did not interest me because of my other commitments but I missed the Rotary ethos, so an online club seemed the obvious choice.

I signed up with UK South Online because . . . I am refurbishing my home in Oxted and living temporarily in Steyning.  We also spend a lot of time at our home in Portugal, so the likelihood of attending many, if any, of my club meetings in Oxted is remote.  I considered transferring to the Rotary club in Steyning but that would have meant transferring back to my club in Oxted again when our house refurbishment is complete in about 6-month’s time and the to-ing and fro-ing did not appeal to me.  Membership of an online Rotary club therefore became very appealing.

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